Make Peace with Your Body

If you are fed up of waking up everyday and feeling shit about what you see in the mirror. Berating yourself for your thunder thighs or wobbly belly this is the programme for you!

If you have tried all the diets, 'lifestyle changes' and exercise programmes but not matter what you still lack the confidence you so desperately want this will chnage your life!

If you just want to be able to live in a body you don't hate so you can truly enjoy life then let me help you.

Ready to heal your low body confidence?

Hi I'm Chloe

I am the CEO and Senior Coach & Therapist at the Finally Free Academy. I am a qualified psychotherapist, counsellor, nutritionist and eating disorder recovery coach.

By drawing on my extensive training and personal experience of eating disorders I will show you how to work through your blocks, release the coping mechanisms that no longer serve you, so that you can live your next level life! 

I hated my body for so so long, leading me to struggle with eating disorders and disordered eating. No matter what I weighed, I would have done anything to be in someone else's body.

Since healing from the inside out my life has never been better, even having a baby didn't knock my confidence one bit if anything I felt even more in awe of what my body does for me every day! I want to help you feel the freedom of loving your body no matter what.